Material associated to C Pouzat's lectures at LASCON 2016

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Material: HTML files, Python scripts and Jupyter notebooks associated to C Pouzat's lectures at LASCON 2016.

All computations are done with the anaconda distribution of Python 3. The HTML files were generated with org-mode of emacs.

The slides of the first lecture are on the Neuromat site. The tutorial in html format is located at: OriginOfTheHighFrequencyExtraCellularSignal.

For the second and third lectures look at: SpikeSortingTheElementaryWay.

The slides of the fourth lecture are available in pdf. A detailed presentation of this material can be found on hal.

The tutorial of the fourth lecture is available in html or as a Python notebook. The exhaustive description of the Python code used to generate the figures of the presentation is on hal.

The slides of the fifth lecture are on zenodo while the source code (with a notebook) is on github.